Hypnosis Audios

Welcome to the growing library of hypnosis audio tracks available from therapists Sally Baker and Liz Hogon. Choose from these categories:

Hypnosis audio tracks are a powerful and effective way of aligning your subconscious mind with the goals you want to achieve in your life.

Psychologists have determined it takes twenty-one days to embed a new habit or a new way of thinking. To take full advantage of the life-changing properties of these recordings do commit to listening to your choices for a minimum of three weeks.

Remember you can achieve the transformational changes you seek even while you sleep so just play the recordings on repeat when you’re ready to settle down for the night.

Alternatively, if you are taking some time for yourself during the day make sure your phone is turned off and you are somewhere safe and secure for the 20-25 minutes you need to be undisturbed. Make sure you have a blanket to hand as your core temperature can go lower under hypnosis.

Warning: Never listen to these or any other hypnosis audio tracks while driving or operating machinery.

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We hope you enjoy our recordings and feel the benefits in your life.

Sally and Liz

Life Transformation

de-stress and calming

De-stress and calming hypnosis audio

This audio track has been specially created to release and resolve an issue or problem that has been bothering you. It connects you to feelings of inner strength, self-confidence and resources. Something you thought was insurmountable can be resolved effortlessly without feel or anxiety, allowing you to easily move on.

Price: £17.00

closing door

Closing doors on the past hypnosis audio

Events and memories from your past can still trigger us in our present-day lives. This powerful hypnotic audio track guides you through a powerful process of revisiting happy memories from your past and closing and locking the door on memories you would prefer to let go of so that they can’t bother you anymore.

Price: £17.00

Future self-visualisation

Future self-visualisation audio

A guided visualisation into well-being and abundance to connect you to your future self. Learn from your future self how you became worthy and deserving of having reached your target weight and many other indications of your abundance and success so that you can begin your journey of transformation today.

Price: £17.00

letting go of the past

Letting go of the past audio

The past has a way of keeping us feeling stuck in old patterns of behaviour and this powerful guided visualisation allows you to convert those negative memories or events into positive energy to supercharge you to move forward with your life.

Price: £17.00

Health and Wellbeing


Stop Snoring audio

Sleeping soundly is key to health and wellbeing and here we provide you with not just one but two audio tracks to help for you or your partner to sleep quietly and deeply so that you can both wake refreshed in the morning.

Price: £17.00

Peak Performance

release block to success

Releasing block to success visualisation audio

Old stumbling blocks that always get in your way of you being wealthy and successful are discovered so that they can be released and resolved. Old negative beliefs, procrastination habits and other blocks that no longer serve you are reviewed on a profoundly sub-conscious level so that they can be released and resolved for good.

Price: £17.00


Journey to sanctuary audio

Travel in your mind to leave the mundane behind you until you go higher and higher to a place of absolute sanctuary - a place to ask questions and find the answers you’ve been looking for.

Price: £17.00

Successful Weight Loss

powerful weight loss

Powerful weight loss suggestion audio

A beautiful future awaits you with this deeply relaxing hypnosis with powerful visualisation of you at your ideal goal weight. This audio track helps you release negative limiting beliefs and refocus on positive experiences and feelings to make you feel good about yourself so that you can feel in control of your weight loss journey with the determination to succeed.

Price: £17.00

end yo yo dieting

End yo-yo dieting visualisation audio

This hypnosis audio track takes you on a journey through to the beginning of your time using the analogy of a library to find the book that symbolises for you a pattern of yo-yo dieting – all those times you’ve tried to lose weight except this time you can break your old habit of self-sabotaging behaviour.

Price: £17.00

quit sugar

Quit sugar hypnosis audio

Do you struggle with your addiction to sugar? This hypnotic audio track speaks directly to your unconscious mind positive suggestions to resolve your desire for sugar so that you can be completely free of your need, want and urge for sugar. The suggestions grow stronger so that you can be in a brand new chapter of your life where that need for something sweet will be gone from your life.

Price: £17.00

end night time

End night time snacking hypnosis audio

Hypnosis audio track created to free yourself from the habit of night time snacking. The habit of snacking at night after having already eaten your dinner will be released. The hypnosis embeds a deep suggestion that you will be free from snacking at night for the rest of your life.

Price: £17.00

weight loss motivation

Weight loss motivation audio

A motivation focussed hypnosis track where you can discover everything you need to achieve your weight loss goal by magically stepping into the mirror reflection of yourself at your goal weight so that the real you shines through you more and more each day.

Price: £17.00

easy weight loss

Easy weight loss success audio

Effortlessly and easily changing behaviours from unhealthy to healthy including changes to your eating regime and including more regular exercise so that you can achieve your lean, trim and healthy goals. Each and every day you can feel your confidence increasing to reach the goals you have set yourself, and you can feel the deep sense of price for everything you are achieving.

Price: £17.00

exercise motivation

Exercise motivation audio

An exercise motivation focused hypnosis track on embedding the belief deep into your unconscious mind that you exercise on a regular basis and that you enjoy so that it becomes part of who you are. When you say the word 'exercise' in your mind, you’ll feel instantly motivated to go and exercise, and this belief will increase in intensity day by day making regular exercise easy to accomplish and pleasurable too.

Price: £17.00